What is an eye kajal and how to use it?

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Kajal (kajal, kajal, khôl, the term can be understood as “eye shape” or “cosmetics”) is a mega popular among makeup artists and individual users of decorative cosmetics for eye makeup. It is a thick, bold pencil that serves several functions.

What is an eye kajal and how to use it?

Kajal as a representative of cosmetics originated in the days of Cleopatra. It was with such a pencil that this famous last queen of Hellenistic Egypt drew her legendary chic arrows. At that time, the remedy was used not only by noble women, but even by men and children. Kajal is famous both in Africa and Asia, where it is used not only to create a spectacular make-up, but also to protect the mucous eyes from the harmful effects of weather factors such as wind, ubiquitous sand and hot sun. Additional features of Kajal:

Since Kajal was made from components of natural origin with medicinal properties, it was used to protect the mucous membrane of the eyes from the penetration of infectious agents, to treat and prevent ophthalmic diseases of an inflammatory nature. The composition of the cosmetic product included natural vegetable oils and extracts, as well as tree resin, useful minerals and crushed charcoal.

It was believed that Kajal effectively protects a person from the evil eye, so parents often used this remedy when painting the eyes of newborn babies and young children.

The use of Kajal made it possible to characterize the social status of a person.

Kajal was used to make special drawings that had ritual significance.

Kajal found its use in the days of silent films, it was used by the famous Charlie Chaplin. Nowadays, women and girls all over the world purchase this product to create spectacular and unforgettable eye makeup.

Kajal and the classic eyeliner

To understand what kayal is for, as well as how and for what to use it, consider how this tool differs from the classic decorative pencil for eye makeup:-

Purpose and scope of kajal: Despite the fact that the manufacturer makes the tip of the pencil as sharp as possible, it is difficult to use it to draw fine lines. Therefore, kajal is usually purchased to create thick arrows, for solid strokes and for painting over the entire surface of the upper eyelid. The peculiarity of kayal is that it adheres well to the mucous surface of the eyes, therefore it is often used in order to make a circular stroke not along the outer, but along the inner edge of the eyelids. If you need to make the lines thinner, you can place the kajal in the freezer 25-30 minutes before starting the make-up. After heat treatment, you can try to sharpen the tip with a contour pencil sharpener.

How to use kajal for light eyes

Makeup artists love to experiment with cosmetics, look for non-standard ways to use different cosmetics. Therefore, it is not surprising that alternative methods of use have been found for the kajal for the eyes. For example, if you apply a flesh-coloured matte or satin kayal along the contour of the lips and blend well, the lips will appear more voluminous and plump. At the same time, a natural pink skin tone in the centre will give the lips the feeling of being kissed – a very popular effect at this time. And if you apply the same matte light kayal to the area under the eyebrows, you can make them clearer and more expressive, visually enlarge the eyes, the look will turn out wide open.

Bold and easily amenable to careful shading, kajal is also used to contour facial features. White, flesh and just a light shade of a pencil can be used in order to accentuate, visually increase the length / width / volume of the desired areas. For example, applying pigments to the bridge of the nose can make it more sophisticated. And if you use a light kajal near the hairline on the forehead, you can visually make the small forehead taller.

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