Sunglasses according to your face

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To find the sunglasses that best suit you, you must take into account the shape of your face. On sunny days , sunglasses are an essential accessory without which we cannot leave the house. In addition to protecting our eyes from ultraviolet rays, they add a touch of style to your image.

Sunglasses according to your face

If you are thinking of renewing your old sunglasses for more modern ones, you have surely seen them in all styles and colours. Small or XXL glasses, plastic or metallic, degraded, sixties … There are all styles and colours. But to hit the ones that favor you, you have to take into account the shape of your face.

Sunglasses according to the shape of your face

Glasses for oval faces
Being a very universal face, with high cheekbones and narrower than the forehead, practically all models of glasses will suit you. Of course, you should pay special attention to the proportion, that is, if your face is not very large, do not choose oversized glasses.

Glasses for elongated face
Avoid very angular glasses with marked lines and opt for oval models in soft tones such as camel or nude.

Glasses for square face
This face is characterized by the long width of the forehead, jaw and cheekbones. Discard the models with regular corners and that are horizontally very elongated, opting for rounded styles but not excessively oval or round. Choose a model of glasses as tall as possible. The goal is to decrease the height of the face and compensate for the size of the forehead.

Glasses for round face
Look for the proportionality between the width and height of the face with large glasses with vertical or horizontal lines, square or rectangular, with thick edges, thus elongating your features. Apart from using dark frames, intense colors such as reds or a “chocolate” tone will minimize attention to the particular characteristics of your face.

Glasses for heart face
If you have a narrow and pronounced chin, high cheek bones and a wide forehead, the best model of glasses for you is the aviator style. Regarding the color of the lens, it should be avoided that it is dark, the most appropriate colors being light brown and gray, avoiding green and red. The aim is to divert attention to the lower area of ​​the face, minimizing its width.

Diamond face glasses
Narrow forehead, small eyes, slightly pronounced jaw and high cheekbones. Expand the dimensions of the forehead using elongated glasses that cover as little of it as possible. Forget square glasses and go for round ones.

Sunglasses for triangle face
Face with narrow forehead and pronounced chin. To compensate, choose glasses frames that give volume to the upper part to divert attention to the lower part of the face, minimizing the width of the face. To expand the dimensions of the forehead, use elongated glasses that cover the least part without leaving the temples.

Sunglasses for the inverted triangle face
To compensate for the features, choose sunglasses that are wider at the bottom, with rounded frames and soft colors and light materials, the rimless frames and the aviator type glasses will suit you great.

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