Skin Care Around the Eyes: Top 5 Basic Tips for Any Age

The skin around the eyes requires constant attention and care – this is a rule that should be followed at any age. In order to prolong the youth of the skin around the eyes, it is not necessary to start using special rejuvenating products as early as possible, but it is necessary to follow simple rules of care for the most delicate part of your face! 5 simple tips that will help you in this:

Skin Care Around the Eyes

1. Makeup and makeup removal. For makeup and makeup removal of the area around the eyes, be sure to choose high-quality products that are designed specifically for this area of ​​the face (the information should be indicated on the package). Removing makeup (if you use decorative cosmetics) is a daily ritual that you absolutely cannot neglect. Cleanse your skin of makeup and impurities, as well as moisturize and nourish it.

2. Apply cosmetics correctly. As you already know, the skin around the eyes is thin, accordingly, it requires gentle and careful treatment. Before applying the cream or special products, be sure to clean the skin, then apply it with light movements with the pads of the fingers, the lower eyelid in the direction from the outer corner of the eye to the inner one along the bone line, the upper one – from the bridge of the nose to the temples. Movements should be gentle so as not to damage or stretch the skin.

3. Sunglasses are not only a fashion accessory but also an important factor in preserving the youth of the skin around the eyes. Remember, glasses must completely cover the eye lines, and also have a high level of protection against UV radiation. Also, do not forget to use cosmetic products with SPF – sun protection factor.

4. Do eye exercises. Do you think that gymnastics is only good for the body? Your face also needs toning. In order for the delicate skin not to lose its elasticity, perform light gymnastics: make several circular movements with closed and open eyelids, focus on the object next to you, after which choose a point further, and make several arbitrary movements with the eyes and the like.

5. Food, sleep, and water! Your diet and routine affect not only your health but also your appearance. If you have noticed the sudden appearance of wrinkles around the eyes, review your daily routine, proper nutrition, and the amount of water consumed, because your body is a complete system, and if the problem lies in internal functions, one cosmetic cannot do without.

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