Laser Hair Removal: What to do Before and After

Unsightly hair on the cheeks, the appearance of down on the mustache, regrowth under the armpits worthy of a razor blade… These undesirables often ruin our lives! So, we eliminate them using tweezers, depilatory cream, hot wax, or even our electric hair removal device… It takes time, and we don’t have to do just that. to tell the truth, especially when it is difficult to target the most recalcitrant. Why not bet on an effective and painless method?

Laser Hair Removal: What to do Before and After

All these little hassles of everyday life can be erased with a few sessions in an aesthetic center: laser hair removal is ours to permanently eliminate body hair! Unlike hair removal, which uses the pulsed light technique, the laser hair removal technique acts progressively and definitively on the hairs by heating them to such a high temperature thanks to its beam that they completely disintegrate.

We do not hesitate to get good information before attacking the sessions, especially since it is important to take your skin type into account. Because indeed, between depilating dark skin and light skin, thick hair, and fine hair, the laser treatment will not be the same.

Laser hair removal: how to prepare before the sessions?

If the number of sessions required varies according to the areas, age, genetics, and hormonal factors, there are certain rules that apply to everyone so that laser hair removal is as effective as possible. Because no, one session is not enough. It will be up to the doctor, after a diagnosis, to define the number of sessions to be carried out before complete hair removal. First of all, to appear in summer in a swimsuit without hair, it is from winter that you have to worry about it. It is indeed when the skin is no longer tanned that laser hair removal should be started: when the skin is very clear, the laser detects hair and skin contrast more easily. Then, aesthetic medicine centers advise keeping your hair long for a month,

Laser hair removal: how does it work?

Simply put, the color of the hair ( melanin ) will absorb the laser light. The hair will then heat up gradually until the bulb of the hair is completely destroyed, as well as the root of the hair. There are several laser hair removal devices with which aesthetic clinics are equipped.

They usually offer a very popular forced cold air system depending on the sensitivity of the areas to be treated but also the extent of the surface to be depilated:

– The Clarity laser is a fairly versatile device concerning the areas to be treated but also the extent of the surface to be depilated. Its forced cold air system is very popular.

– The Alexandrite laser is suitable for hair removal on fair skin only. It can also treat ingrown hairs , pigmentation disorders or even for tattoo removal.

– the Yag laser is a pulsed energy laser treatment.

It is suitable for the depilation of matte and dark skin but can also be used on all phototypes in other areas such as tattoo removal, treatment of wrinkles, or even varicosities (apparent veins on the face )

Laser hair removal: what should be done after the first session?

After a first session in an aesthetic center, the skin may be red and slightly irritated, regardless of the waxed area ( armpits, classic bikini line, or facial hair removal ). If a soothing cream is generally applied at the end of the session, you can also use a healing cream. We then wait 1 month before the next session, while avoiding exposure to UV rays (in the sun or in a tanning booth) or going to the swimming pool for a week. 5 to 6 sessions are generally necessary to overcome that hair is very black and thick, more for blond and fine hair. If it is advisable to do 1 maintenance session each year to remove the few isolated hairs that grow back, rest assured: a return to the original hairiness is impossible!

Laser hair removal: which parts of the body?

Some aesthetic centers offer laser hair removal sessions on the face, to remove the ugly mustache, but also on other parts of the body. If you are complexed by your hairiness in the armpits, legs, or jersey (a classic or a full ?). In a few sessions, your skin will regain its former softness, without risk of regrowth, without pain .and without impact on health!

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