Injuries make the couples confused when “loving each other” and how to treat them


Although love is meant to be a pleasurable experience, it’s not always fun and games so ” unwanted accidents” can happen at any time.
Recently, a new survey by healthcare company euroClinix has revealed the most common injuries happening during sex. Researchers surveyed 2, 000 Brits, and amazingly, a whopping 22% of 18-24 year-olds admitted to hurting themselves during the act. Here are the top 8 most common sex injuries and how to treat them.

1- Teared and scratched vagina

This includes minor scratches or a burning sensation after having sex in women. Make sure you’re lubricated enough. In addition, during the “ relationship ”, you should avoid too aggressive actions.

2- Carpet burn

Having”sex” on the floor helps you “ change the atmosphere” but this can lead to itchy, red skin due to bacteria, dirt clinging to the floor and carpet. In this case, you are advised to wash the infected area with cool water and antibacterial soap.

3- Foreign objects in the vagina

These are usually condoms or sex toys. If you have anything that goes lacking inside you, take a breath, rest and wait 10-15 mins after sexual intercourse to ensure that that vagina returns to their regular size. Put a couple of fingertips inside to attempt to take away the object. If you could not flourish in this, see a medical expert.

4- Back injuries

Put anything cool within the afflicted location as well as perhaps apply a pain-relieving gel.

5- Pulled muscle

This is because of abnormal movement in the incorrect location. Please place something cool on the afflicted region or consider an Ibuprofen if required.

6- Food irritation (generally caused capsaicin)

Bringing food in to the sleeping quarters to improve romance is a very important factor few many people deny nevertheless be cautious because food may also be a perpetrator to become dangerous.

Avoid eating popular spicy food when “fighting”, after eating, wash the hands, rinse the mouth area clean and “love”. In serious situations, see a medical expert to take care of the twisted properly.

7- Urinary tract infection

Does it harm when you pee? Proceed and discover your DOCTOR to verify the diagnosis.

8- Broken penis

Although that is uncommon, don’t put glaciers onto it! Go right to that emergency.