How to make shugaring at home

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What is shugaring and how to do shugaring at home in quarantine? Is it true that it is better than other methods of hair removal? how to do shugaring correctly at home.

How to make shugaring at home


Sugaring is a depilation that is carried out using caramel paste, the main component of which is sugar. The shugaring recipe has been familiar to mankind since the days of Ancient Greece and Egypt, where seductive beauties got rid of excess vegetation with just a small lump of sugar paste.

Benefits of shugaring:-

  • minimal likelihood of introducing an infection;
  • the least painful and simple procedure among the existing depilation;
  • does not burn the skin (unlike hot wax);
  • easy to do on your own at home;
  • suitable for women and men;
  • allows you to get rid of hair with a length of 2-3 mm;
  • after regular shugaring, the hair becomes thinner and thinner;
  • during the procedure, peeling of dead skin cells occurs;
  • can be done on all areas of the skin.

Homemade sugaring paste recipe

Today, shugaring paste can be purchased in specialized stores. But, if you have a desire, then the same pasta can be easily prepared at home.


Main ingredients: sugar (6 tsp), water (2 tsp), lemon juice (half a lemon) or citric acid (2 tsp).

To make a sugaring paste at home, mix the sugar and water into the gruel in a saucepan. Then put this mixture on low heat and cook, stirring carefully. When the mass begins to change color from transparent white to caramel-golden, check the readiness. How to do it? Very simple! Take a glass of cold water and add the mixture to it. If it does not spread, but solidifies in the form of an even droplet, then it is ready. Then add citric acid (or lemon juice) to the mixture, remove from heat, but do not stop stirring. You should have a homogeneous golden mass without grains. Let the paste cool to room temperature and proceed with the procedure.

How to make shugaring at home?

Nowadays, many shugaring masters conduct master classes on preparing a paste for sugar depilation, and on how to do the shugaring itself correctly. If you have extra money and a free day, then you can use their services. Or you can try to carry out the procedure on the couch at home.


How to make shugaring at home:-

Step 1: The first thing to do is to cleanse the skin where you will be depilation. Sweat wipe it dry.

Step 2: Apply regular talcum powder to the prepared skin area.

Step 3: Separate a small walnut-sized piece from the total mass of the sugaring paste. Knead it a little in your hands to make it easier to apply to your skin. Use regular medical gloves to prevent the paste from sticking to your hands.

Step 4: Apply the paste against hair growth. Tip: Use a good amount of effort to spread the paste all over your skin to effectively remove unwanted hair.

Step 5:  you need to pluck in the direction of hair growth with pulling actions.

Step 6:  Rinse off any remaining paste and apply a soothing body lotion.

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