How to maintain the beauty of large breasts

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In youth, everyone dreams of big breasts. But the older the owners of a magnificent bust become, the more they are unhappy with it. Do you also hide your breasts and avoid cleavage? 

How to maintain the beauty of large breasts


Will a bra help prevent sagging breasts?

If we do not use certain ligaments of our body for a long time, they begin to weaken and stop functioning properly. It’s the same with the ligaments on the chest. Muscle training isn’t just about sports. It is enough to let the breasts move, that is, not to wear a bra all the time. So the muscles will be constantly in good shape. If the shape is constantly maintained artificially, the risk of sagging breasts increases. Muscles relax, lose their elasticity and firmness.

What if my breasts are sweating a lot?

Cornstarch will help to cope with excessive sweating of the décolleté area. It can be used as a powder for areas of excessive sweating. Add a couple of drops of any essential oil to the starch for a pleasant scent. Also, the show’s expert Olga Metelskaya revealed her personal secret of combating excessive sweating. For you, a recipe for homemade deodorant.

So. First, prepare the oil base: 2 tbsp. l. coconut oil and 0.5 tsp. beeswax. We melt the ingredients in a water bath. Now we are preparing a dry base: 2 tbsp. l. baking soda and 2 tbsp. l. potato (or corn) starch. Then we remove the oil base from the water bath and add the dry base to it, gently stirring. At the end, add 20 drops of myrtle essential oil. Stir the ingredients until smooth, transfer to an empty container and hide in the refrigerator.

IT IS INTERESTING. Myrtle essential oil has antibacterial properties, protects against viruses, increases skin elasticity, and promotes epithelial regeneration.

How to get a firm bust back after childbirth?

The main reason for losing the shape of the bust is the abrupt cessation of feeding the baby. In this case, the fatty tissue of the breast does not have time to recover, and the breast becomes saggy. With a favorable passage of this process, the breast regains its shape and size within a year. Therefore, it is necessary to wean it by gradually reducing the number of feedings. Also, contrasting water procedures will help restore the shape of the breast faster. They improve blood circulation in the breast tissue. Correct posture is also very important. Often, the bust takes on an unappealing appearance due to the fact that the woman is slouching. Watch your posture, this also trains the chest.

How to lose weight so that your breasts are not lost?

The main reason for the sharp “loss” of the breast is a sharp weight loss, as well as radical diets. If your weight loss is gradual and supported by physical exercises, your breasts will not lose their volume and shape.

Which bra is suitable for sports?

Definitely a fitness bra. They are of two types: those that tighten the chest, and those that support it. The first ones are made of dense elastic fabric without dividing into cups. This type of bra is suitable for girls with small breasts. And the second, already with a division into cups, will suit young ladies with magnificent breasts. The straps should be soft and wide. Additional support for the bust will be provided by the T-shaped back. You need to choose with mesh inserts – they will provide additional ventilation and comfort during exercise. Also, a sports bra should be worn not only for playing sports, but also for doing household chores related to active physical activity. This is cleaning, work in the country, in the garden.

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