How to keep eyelashes curled all day

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Wearing a radiant look, with thick and curved eyelashes is the main objective when we apply the mascara with that zigzag or final brushstroke. So far everything is perfect if not because, as the hours go by, we see with frustration how the curl of our eyelashes falls and our eyes turn off.

To avoid this, we have found the trick, rather, the infallible technique so that the eyelashes remain curled all day.

How to keep lashes curled all day

The obsession with eyelashes is growing at a dizzying rate and we owe that to the ambassadors of ” without my mascara, I don’t leave home .” We are talking about the Kardashian-Jenner sisters, the most influential celebrities in the sale of cosmetics.

That video still comes to mind in which Kim Kardashian stretched her long eyelashes to show us that hers was purely the work of genetics and nature. Having long, curvy eyelashes, with that striking Kardashian shadow effect – and that they do not fade over the hours, important – is possible. And no, you don’t need to resort to eyelash extensions or innovative magnetic lashes .

Just as there are home remedies that are a holy hand to make eyelashes grow , there are also little makeup tricks that will be our great allies to keep the lash curl all day .

All you have to do is keep the following beauty tips in mind . And we start with the basics: why is my lash curl falling out?

Reasons why the eyelash curl is lowered

If we have the misfortune of being born with small, smooth or straight eyelashes, we look for a thousand ways to achieve a natural, curvilinear curl that adapts to the shape of our face and defines it with an explosive look. And the first reason why lash curl falls out is precisely because lash curl is not natural.

But, there are also 3 other very possible reasons that have to do with the technique, the colour and the product that we apply when curling and giving volume to the eyelashes. These are the most common:

  • By using a very thick and heavy mascara.
  • Due to environmental humidity.
  • For not curling them properly.

How to curl your eyelashes, long-lasting effect

The first step to getting your lashes to stay curled all day is to curl them so that their effect lasts longer. And no, it is not only about marking a curl line at the base of the eyelash, but about doing it in three different points , as recommended by Bustle magazine : First curl the base , then curl the midpoint of your eyelashes and Finally, curl the outermost part . In this way you will achieve that natural curvy effect and a longer lasting effect.

Avoid the usual mistakes like stretching the eyelash up with the curling iron or marking that unsightly and artificial “square” effect.

Heat effect so that the curl of the eyelash lasts longer

Of course, a trick that we have just discovered is that the eyelashes curl better and last longer ” curled ” if we apply heat in the process. To do this, apply the heat of the hair dryer to the curling iron until it is heated (just a little). Make sure it doesn’t burn to the touch. Security before everything!

If you are using a fine spoon to curl your lashes, you can apply a little heat to the metal with the blow dryer.

The secret to curled lashes all day

The great secret of many makeup artists to have curly, defined and thick lashes all day is … use a waterproof mascara ! The reason is simple, waterproof mascara is designed for immediate drying and sealing, that is, instantly. But, it will only work if you follow these three very simple steps .

1. After curling your lashes, apply a little mascara on a fine steel bristle brush and comb your lashes to give them color. You can find this accessory in any cosmetic store or on the Internet. In this step what we do is apply a colored primer.

2. When the tinted primer has dried, curl your lashes again . Try not to apply too much force to prevent the color from sticking to the curling iron . Follow the rule of curling your lashes at 3 specific points.

Only by doing this step, you will notice very thick eyelashes, with a very natural curl and colour. This trick is taught on his YouTube channel, “Under the Magnifying Glass” , by professional makeup artist Martin Catalogne.

3. After the second curl, apply the first coat of mascara on your lashes. Try to remove excess dye from the brush. If you want to achieve that Kardashian eyelash effect you can apply a second coat, but always removing the excess product from the curling iron or enchinador.

Remove make-up from your eyelashes daily

Although one of our tips to grow eyelashes naturally is not to abuse the curler or waterproof mascara, we confess that we are ecstatic when we manage to keep our lash curl intact all day. If you apply this makeup trick every day, you must learn to remove makeup , cleanse and nourish your lashes on a daily basis . This will prevent them from weakening, breaking or falling.

To remove or remove a waterproof mascara 24 hours, without breaking or stretching your lashes too much, use makeup remover oils and a cotton pad. If you use wipes or facial cleansers you will have to repeat the process twice, since after the first cleaning there will still be residues of the mascara.

A very good trick to remove make-up from eyelashes using waterproff mascara is to pour micellar water and a few drops of olive oil on a cotton pad and place it on the eyelid for a few seconds. We guarantee that this tip removes even the most rebellious makeup.

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