How to Choose Your Lipstick?

Classic cream lipstick, lip ink, lip varnish, tattoo lipstick, gloss, lip plumpers… Matte, velvet, satin, vinyl, long-lasting effect, without transfer, faced with the disproportionate choice offered by cosmetics for the makeup of our lips, we help you see more clearly.

How to Choose Your Lipstick?

A cream or matte lipstick for optimal coverage

If you are looking for a lipstick with flawless coverage from the first application, you can opt for cream lipstick. Available in satin, pearly, glittery, or even transparent versions, this type of lipstick sublimates your lips while providing optimal hydration.It is ideal if you have a thin mouth, and brings radiance and light to your face in the blink of an eye. And if you have small fine lines around your lips, cream lipstick will give you volume and freshness while hiding them.
Want an even sharper edge? Tip: draw your lips with a pencil beforehand.

If you’re not a fan of cream lipstick or have full lips, matte lipstick is ideal. This type of very trendy lipstick offers a very stable hold, a covering, and a uniform color. However, it tends to dry out the lips: consider exfoliating and moisturizing well before applying matte lipstick.

A pencil lipstick for quick and neat makeup

pencil lipstick

If you are more of a rush type, but still want to have neat make-up, then the pencil lipstick is for you. This lipstick is easy to apply and makes touch-ups easy. You can even find large pencils, called ” jumbo “, which slip easily into a bag. These pencils promise a perfectly drawn contour and a slightly glossy effect.

The only downside, this type of lipstick is not very moisturizing, and you will often have to apply several layers to obtain the expected color.

The gloss, an alternative to lipstick

The gloss

With its moisturizing, melting texture and delicious fragrances, the gloss is the pleasure makeup par excellence. Enriched with mother-of-pearl or pearls, the glosses reflect the light, make your lips shine, and make your mouth luscious, all without -almost- sticking!

The only weak point of the gloss is its low covering power and its short duration. The gloss is your beauty ally if you have thin lips and want to shape your smile. Some brands even offer collagen-enriched glosses with plumping power.

Varnish and oils, amazing lipstick textures!

Lipstick or gloss can’t choose? So why not indulge yourself with lip polish … This very popular type of lipstick does not dry out the lips, covers like lipstick, and shines like a gloss. Varnishes offer intense colors but sometimes have a limited hold. So plan for a few touch-ups during the day. Some brands are also innovating with lip oil. This product offers a nutritious texture with a magic technology that gradually diffuses its pigments to adapt to the complexion of your lips. Magical!

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