How To Apply Foundation On Your Face

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The use of toner allows you to improve the complexion, make the shade and relief more uniform, hide imperfections of the skin. As a rule, the application of foundation occurs in three stages – preparation of the skin, application of a base or primer, application of foundation. Powder, blush, bronzer and / or highlighter can be applied over the foundation. We will consider the sequence of making a face make-up, starting with the stage of preparing the skin and ending with the imposition of a thin and invisible layer of foundation. Also, our experts will tell the readers of the magazine about 8 life hacks with the use of tonal, which will make the image as organic as possible, and emphasize the dignity of appearance. Preparing the face for applying foundation

How To Apply Foundation On Your Face

Prepare the face for applying foundation

The foundation should be applied exclusively to clean skin. If there are traces of previously used cosmetics on the skin, they must be washed off with water and baby soap, or better – micellar water, hydrophilic oil, two-phase liquid or other specialised makeup remover. Also, before applying the toner, it is recommended to carry out cleaning procedures from time to time:

Steaming the skin with a steam bath or a damp towel soaked in hot water. This procedure will help cleanse and tighten pores, making them less visible. Regular vaporization of the skin helps to prevent acne and blackheads, so that the foundation can be applied in minimal amounts due to the absence of objects to mask.

Easy and quick peeling of the skin using a purchased scrub or a mixture of drunk coffee grounds and sour cream (there are other homemade peeling recipes). Due to the fact that a layer of dead skin cells is removed from the skin, the foundation lays down in a perfectly even layer. It does not accentuate flaking and other imperfections, it better masks acne and enlarged pores.

The last preparatory stage is the application of a moisturising or nourishing cream, including one with a sun protection function. Moisturised and nourished skin under the foundation feels great, its hydro-lipid balance is not disturbed, it is protected from possible negative effects of the cream components or environmental factors.

Applying a primer, corrector

In order for the foundation to better adhere to the face, not smear and float, experts recommend applying a primer or makeup base beforehand. This tool performs an additional function – it evens out the skin’s relief, filling in the smallest irregularities, masking enlarged pores and dull skin tone. The primer can be reflective, which gives the skin an inner glow, or silicone, which perfectly conceals shallow wrinkles. Also, the primer can belong to a group of mineral-based preparations – an excellent solution for problematic, oily and combination skin.

If there are distinct aesthetic defects on the face – acne, redness, dark circles under the eyes, a concealer can be used before applying the foundation. It doesn’t have to be a very light shade. The colour of the corrector is selected depending on which defect needs to be masked with its help. For example, red pimples and redness are camouflaged with a green corrector, purple circles under the eyes are camouflaged with yellow apricot or peach, etc.

How to apply foundation

How To Apply Foundation On Your Face

It is not difficult to apply foundation, the procedure is not very different from the process of applying care products. The main goal that needs to be achieved is to make a uniform and invisible coating for others, which will help to even out the shade and relief of the face, hide minor flaws and become the basis for creating a harmonious image. How to apply foundation correctly:

  1. Allocate 30 minutes of free time, place all the necessary items (cosmetics, accessories) near you, take a comfortable position, remove hair from your face.
  2. If there is a palette for mixing liquid cosmetics, use it – squeeze out a small amount of foundation, close the main tube so that the product does not come into contact with air and does not oxidise. If there is no palette, squeeze the cream onto the back of your hand – on the “patch” between your thumb and forefinger. Wait 30 seconds until the cream heats up to body temperature, becomes softer and more pliable.
  3. Put the cream on your finger, brush or sponge (it is better to use the last two accessories), start applying the cream to the forehead, moving from the centre to the sides. Then the product must be applied between the eyebrows, on the back and wings of the nose. After that, the foundation is applied under the eyes – where the bones of the bottom of the eye openings are clearly felt. As a rule, no foundation is applied under the lower eyelids, but if you need to hide bruises, you can spread it with a thin layer. The product is shaded to the temples and down to the cheeks, chin, towards the ears.
  4. After completing the procedure for distributing the cosmetic product over the skin, you need to check that there are no traces of the brush or sponge that are imprinted on the surface of the face. After that, you can apply powder and / or blush to complete the make-up, but the use of these decorative means is not at all necessary, you can only do with a foundation.

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