Hairstyles to hide a wide forehead

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Do you have a broad forehead? A strategic hairstyle and well-applied colour can help disguise it.

Your goal? Divert attention from the point of the forehead, removing volume above the temples, especially on the sides. Yours are hairstyles with movement at the bottom and asymmetrical bangs. In addition to a few makeup tricks to disguise a strategic hairstyle can help you.

We give you the keys to visually reduce this area and choose the style that suits you best. Take aim!

Hairstyles to hide a wide forehead

Hairstyles to hide a wide forehead

Cut and hairstyle

You are going for whole cuts at the top and scaled from the cheekbone. A medium length hair or an asymmetrical short with volume and body in the lower area will look great. To do this, smooth the upper part and create waves from the jaw or mark the ends outwards with the help of the irons or a round brush.


It is your great ally, avoid clear foreheads but also very heavy symmetrical bangs. To refine the forehead the best are the side bangs that only go up a part of the forehead and asymmetrical, pointed with movement to the sides at the height of the eyebrows. If you have a rounded face, opt for a longer side fringe that covers the cheekbones and if you are elongated, opt for a more diagonal cut that covers one eye.

Colour and highlights

Avoid highlights and light tones around the forehead as they give more space, which is what you want to avoid. You can choose a darker color like chestnut and brighten the bottom with a lighter shade.


If you have long hair, do low updos like a ponytail or braid that comes from the nape. Better forget about the high buns and collected that give volume to the upper part. Comb your hair with a side parting and if you don’t have bangs, always let a strand fall on your forehead.

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