Beautiful Odd Eyed Kitten Rescued from Roadside, Doesn’t Want to Be Alone Again

They reached out to Coastal Bend Cat Rescue, a cat rescue team in Corpus Christi, for help. “We took her in as soon as we could secure a medical foster home opening,” Lindsay Haglund, Foster Coordinator of Coastal Bend Cat Rescue, told Love Meow.

Besides being a bit wobbly, Nova was also diagnosed with hydrocephalus, or “water on the brain.”

“We are carefully observing her and providing the best medical care that we can afford. We have all fallen in love with Nova and believe this girl deserves a fighting chance at life.”

Nova is always in good spirits and definitely a people-cat. She adores her foster family and demands their attention whenever she gets a chance.

“Her favorite moments are being held and snuggled by humans,” Lindsay added. “She loves to be carried around like a baby and gets scared and confused when she is left alone.”

To accommodate her every need, Nova’s foster mom often keeps her stowed comfortably in her pocket and carries her everywhere she goes.