6 Most Common Makeup Mistakes

If you feel that there are some things in your makeup routine that are not playing in your favor, it is time for you to review them and pay attention. We tell you the most common makeup mistakes that we all make.

6 Mistakes We All Should Avoid

6 Most Common Makeup Mistakes

1-Concealer and foundation of the wrong shade

Both products fall within this first mistake that you have to avoid. Applying the wrong color concealer or foundation can completely ruin your total look. I chose the shade that is closest to your skin color, neither darker nor lighter.

2-Apply a lot of makeup base

The second mistake is directly related to the first. Measure the amount of product you apply to your face. With foundations like the Natural Matte Liquid Foundation, you will achieve full coverage by applying a measured amount. Remember to place special emphasis on blending, this is also key to achieving perfect skin.

3-Apply mascara to the lower lashes

This mistake dates from the old school since our mothers/grandmothers during the 60s did it almost on automatic pilot. Today, we already know by heart that doing this will only cause you to stain your skin, completely disfavoring your look. If you consider it necessary, comb them down with the tip of your applicator in a very subtle way.

4-If you have thin lips, stay away from dark colors

We always say that in the world of makeup, there are no fixed rules, but it is true that there are some criteria that if you follow, you will be able to get the most out of it. In the case of thin lips, very dark colors tend to refine them even more. Light colors are the ones that help create the sensation of volume that they naturally do not have.

5-Make up your entire eye in dark tones

Believe it or not, abusing dark shadows can not only help to make your eyes smaller but also add years to you. It is very important that you always generate a gradient of lights and shadows to create different perspectives. The key is light tones first and to give depth to dark shadows within the same range in the eye socket.

6-Very marked eyebrows

Badly made-up eyebrows can be a complete horror. Not only do they give you an unkempt look, but they harden your features which makes you look older. Find the right product shade for your eyebrow and makeup as naturally as possible.

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